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Conference Terms And Conditions


  • The organization provides the flexibility to adjust with suitable replacement on behalf of your presentation in case of your absence due to an emergency scenario.
  • The organization grants the right to change, modify, and postpone our conference presentation with prior knowledge.
  • The organization accepts full responsibility for the program's cancellation or postponement as a result of any emergency event, such as strikes or natural disasters.
  • Your absence or failure to show up for the program is not the organization's fault.
  • The registration will be open until the program is finished, and in the event of a postponement, the validity will be extended until a new date is set for the programme. This condition does not fall under the refund policy.
  • The organisation strictly prohibits and not accept misbehaviour, personal injuries, loss and damage to the self and the delegates.
  • It is your obligation to visit the website frequently and keep abreast when the organisation updates the conference information.
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