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The Dementia World Conference DWC 2024 goal is to push the boundaries of knowledge within the domain of Dementia and other related neurodegenerative disorders. The conference's vision is to explore the current and latest breakthroughs and revelations in Dementia research and its clinical application for the treatment of such patients. In pursuit of this common goal, we aspire to discover new avenues of research in the field alongside addressing the existing loopholes in our current comprehension of this debilitating affliction. The conference seeks to nurture innovation and pioneering new directions, paving the way for effective therapies and novel interventions.

Globally, over 55 million people are affected by Dementia, with 60% in low and middle-income countries. Annually, there are 10 million new cases, mostly caused by Alzheimer’s. Dementia ranks as the seventh global cause of death, posing a huge burden on the old population. Scientists and healthcare professionals are working in conjunction to mitigate this global crisis.


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