Scientific Committee

Osman Kucuk

  • Designation: President of the Organizating Comittee of iCoDem
  • Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Osman Kucuk is an expert on dementia in the field of neuropsychology with their non-pharmacological approach to dementia care. Author of many brochures and two books on dementia for GPs and nurses, as well as Guidelines „Dementia in the time of Covid-19 pandemic“(2020.) Coauthor of the transnational guidelines to dementia „Interprofessional Management of Dementia“ used for INDEED Online Education Platform funded by EU INTERREG and translated into five languages. President of the Organizing Committee of iCoDem – International Congress of Dementia, the most important Congress of Dementia in the region of the Western Balkan, member of programs and scientific committees, and active participant in regional and international scientific meetings regarding dementia. Organizer of the two high-level meetings(2018., 2020.) regarding dementia, national dementia strategies, and regional cooperation in the dementia field.


Introduction: Society in SE Europe is rapidly aging. According to official statistics, the average age of the population is over 43. Due to migration, the total population lacks people in the 25-44 age group and craftsmen. The average life expectancy has increased to over 78 years. At the same time, the gap between the period of healthy life and the average length of life has increased.

Goal: Identification of challenges faced by people with dementia in SE Europe in the context of meeting their needs for health and social protection and connecting with care providers' challenges.

Method: Analyze data presented by the renowned experts of Central and SE Europe on the Business Forum "Innovations in the health and care sectors tailor bridges between Central and SE Europe" in the context of integrated care, palliative and long-term care regarding dementia in the decade of healthy aging

Results: Datas shows that societies of the SE Europe are not ready faced with situation they are.

Conclusion: We can conclude that most national systems in SE Europe do not recognize the principle of integrated care, do not have a defined long-term care system, or have significant challenges in implementation and palliative care connection with oncological patients. Solutions are not simple and must include many factors that depend not only on the local policymakers and governments but also on entrepreneurial initiatives.

Keywords: dementia, innovations in care area, integrated care, palliative care, long-term care, alzheimerbih, demencijaubih

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